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The Cowboy Up Podcast

Sep 18, 2023

Charlie Siringo was born in Matagorda, Texas in 1855 and went on his first cattle drive at age twelve. By age thirty, he had published a bestselling memoir, A Texas Cowboy. His later memoir, A Cowboy Detective, focused on his career with the Pinkerton Detective Agency and influenced early crime novelists. What tales did Siringo have to tell that could fill two memoirs? As Nathan Ward reveals in his new book “Son of the Old West: The Odyssey of Charlie Siringo: Cowboy, Detective, Writer of the Wild Fronter,” Siringo led a colorful life, one not only filled with adventures and encounters with renown westerners, but also a life that helped shape western history. In this episode, Nathan joins Russell and Alan to introduce Siringo and talk about what made the man unique and memorable and deserving of a place in western lore.