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The Cowboy Up Podcast

Nov 25, 2023

Jolyn Young grew up in the “real” northern California—the forgotten area at the tip-top of the state with small towns, extreme poverty, and about 40 miles to the Oregonian mountains. In a childhood defined by a subdivision, she decided she wanted to be a cowboy, and two years out of college, she saw that dream through, taking a job at a Nevada ranch in the search f of horses, cattle, and the wide-open range. And that’s where she fell in love. But when a baby-to-be suddenly spun her wild romance into a very practical marriage, and one decrepit ranch trailer home led to the next, Jolyn found her young family desperately seeking stability in a transient lifestyle that moves with the seasons. First with one child to care for, then eventually with three, Jolyn fought profound loneliness, finding comfort in writing and company in her camera. The author of the new memoir “Never Burn Your Moving Boxes,” Jolyn joins Russell and Alan to talk about it all!