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The Cowboy Up Podcast

Jan 14, 2023

As acclaimed authors Bob Boze Bell and Jana Bommersbach write, “We know all about the bandits and bad boys, the gunfighters and goons, but not the women who held it all together with grit and spit. The reality is plain: there never would have been a settled West without the women—Native and Mexican women here first; Black and White women who followed—all settling the vast, unknown and scary lands beyond the Mississippi River. But they’ve never gotten their due. If they’re mentioned at all, it’s as whores or tough-living Calamity Janes. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to dig deep to find remarkable stories of the remarkable women of the West—you just have to care enough to dig.” Bob and Jana join Russell and Alan to talk about what they found on their literary dig and how it eventually turned into their new book “Hellraisers & Trailblazers: The Real Women of the Wild West.”