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The Cowboy Up Podcast

Jul 30, 2022

"Life was better when the TV shows were about cowboys rather than lawyers"   Emil Franzi

Welcome to a bonus episode of The Cowboy Up Podcast … Russell and Alan and our cowboy guest had other cowboy work come up and they had to tend to those chores and duties. So we called on our good friend Harry Alexander to tell about his program and podcast called Voices of the West.  Voices of the West emerged from a Tucson Arizona legendary character. 


Emil Franzi was known as the political talk show host throughout southern Arizona.  But he also got tired of the politics and began a great addition to his program in which he shared all kinds of stories and legends and the history of the western way of life. 

Emil has now hung up his spurs but his good friend Harry Alexander carries on the tradition in a wonderful and facciful podcast that has that very unique subtitle.  So our producer Stan Hustad took some time to talk to Harry about the program that shares the western and cowboy code way of life.